Populations  for Inclusion (Trainee Records) in E-Track

REVISED 5/7/2021

The Criteria for Inclusion:

  • Public (county and state level) agency staff responsible for direct provision, supervision, or management of child welfare services to abused/neglected/sexually abused/at-risk children and their families
  • Licensed public agency foster parents
  • All adoptive families who have finalized an adoption, whether through a public or private agency
  • Private agency exceptions for inclusion:  assessors, managed care agency staff, contract staff whose training is contractually provided by the PCSA/OCWTP
  • IV-E juvenile court staff

If you do not meet one or more of these criteria, you will not have a person record in E-Track but may attend training through the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program on a space-available basis.

If you do meet one or more of these criteria but do not yet have a person record in E-Track, submit an E-Track Add Person request. As soon as your person record is created and active, you'll receive an email containing your login ID and password, along with login instructions. 

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