Before using this functionality, you must make sure your mail settings allow commas to be used to separate multiple message recipients (Outlook 365). (If using Outlook 2007, use this link.)

From Administrator Main Menu:

  • Search for the existing session to locate the desired session.

  • Click in the box to the left of the  Underlined Session Title to select.

  • From the left-side menu, under Show Me:, click on Attendees.

HELPFUL HINT: The default setting is for the Session Attendee List to be sorted alphabetically by name. Click on the STATUS column heading to group together all individuals with the same status (i.e., "Enrolled", or "Complete" and "Complete-No Evaluation".

  • Click in the box to the left of each individual with desired status to select.

HELPFUL HINT: You're limited to no more than 50 individuals at a time. If there are more than 50 attendees, you'll have to create multiple emails.

  • From the left-side menu, under I want to:, click on Email Selected.
  • Compose and send your email.