After logging into E-Track and changing your login mode to Facilitator, the Facilitator Calendar page displays your monthly calendar.


A session will appear only after the RTC has created it in E-Track. If a scheduled session does not appear on your calendar, contact the RTC to confirm the session.

DO NOT add OCWTP training to your calendar. Doing so will cause E-Track to see a scheduling conflict which will, in turn, prevent RTCs from assigning you as the facilitator for the session.

You should, however, add non-OCWTP events to your calendar (i.e., vacations, appointments, and any other days you do not wish to be scheduled to train for the OCWTP) so RTCs can see your availability and so E-Track can help you to avoid double-booking.

Add a non-OCWTP event to your calendar

Edit a non-OCWTP event on your calendar

Remove a non-OCWTP event from your calendar