Changing your login mode to Manage Direct Reports will immediately advance you to the Direct Report Activities screen, where everyone to whom you are currently assigned as supervisor will appear. If at any time you wish to return to this screen, click on the  tab.

View a Direct Report's Learning History:


From the Direct Report Activities screen:

  • Click on the person’s  button.


-You can navigate from the Work with My Direct Reports' History screen directly to your direct report’s To Do List by clicking on This Person’s To Do List in the left-side menu.

-You can print the information on these screens by clicking on the printer Print icon in the upper right corner.

Print a Direct Report's Transcript:

From the Work with My Direct Reports' History screen:

  • Click on Learning Transcript in the left-side menu.
  • On the resulting screen, assign Learning Transcript Criteria:

    • Sort Option: Select either to sort by Learning Title or by Date. (Most frequently you’ll want to sort by date.)

    • First Date: If sorting for a specified period of time, type or use the calendar  icon to assign the start date for the desired time period.

    • Last Date: If sorting for a specified period of time, type or use the calendar  icon to assign the end date for the desired time period.

      • Leave date fields blank if you want an entire training history.

    • Completions/All History Statuses - The default setting is to run the report for Completions statuses only. Click on the radio button for All History Statuses if you wish to select this option.

      • Completions – results will include only training sessions for which the trainee has the status of either Complete or Complete-No evaluation.
      • All History Statuses – results will include all training statuses: Complete, Complete-No evaluation, No-Shows, Cancellations, and Incompletes.
    • Include Supplemental History - The default setting is to include supplemental (non-OCWTP) training on the transcript. Click to uncheck the box if you  want to see only OCWTP training.

    • Include External History - The OCWTP does not currently use External History functionality.

    • Export Format – For best results, click in the field and change the export format to Adobe Acrobat (PDF).

    • Click on .

      • Once the report opens in Adobe Acrobat, you can elect to either print the report or save it as an Adobe Acrobat document:

        • To print - In the upper-right corner, click on the printer  icon, change printer settings if necessary, and .

        • To save - In the upper-right corner, click the download icon, assign a file name, and .