1. Log into E-Track EveryOne.
  2. Change your login mode to "Manage Trainees".
  3. Use one of the Search for Learning options to locate the desired session.
  4. Locate the desired learning event and click on the button to advance to the Enroll in a learning screen.

HELPFUL HINT: If there is no  button, there are currently no sessions scheduled. CLICK HERE for instructions on how to request that a session be scheduled in your region.

  1. Locate the desired session and click on the  button. (Pay close attention to the date(s), time(s), and location to ensure you enroll your trainees in the correct session.)
  2. Type the person's name into the Last Name and First Name fields, then click on the blue arrow  icon, OR with the name fields empty, click on the arrow  icon for a list of everyone for whom you have privileges.
  3. Click in the box to the left of a person's name to select. (You may select more than one person.)
  4. From the left-side menu, click on Enroll.
  5. Click  to confirm enrollment.



  • From the Enroll in a Learning screen, you can click on the radio buttons to toggle between Matching Sessions (the list of sessions that are currently scheduled that match your search criteria) and All Available Sessions (all currently scheduled sessions, including sessions that may be outside the date range and location you assigned as search criteria).
  • Clicking on the colored  icon in the Type column provides additional information about the session, including the facility address and the instructor. If at this point you wish to enroll an individual, click on Enroll in this class to proceed to the Search for Trainees screen. (Return to the Enroll in a learning screen by clicking on Return to the previous screen in the left-side menu options.)
  • If no sessions are scheduled, or if none of the currently-scheduled sessions are accessible to your trainee(s), you can request that a new session be scheduled:
    • From the Enroll in a learning screen:
      • Click on
      • Use the Last Name and First Name fields to perform an individual person search OR click on the arrow icon for a list of everyone for whom you have liaison privileges.
      • Click in the box to the left of each individual you want to receive notification when a new session has been scheduled.  (You may select more than one person.)
      • In the left-side menu, click Place on Request List.
      • On the resulting screen, notice the name of the individual for whom you are requesting the session (upper left, after Adding:).
      • Type or use the calendar icon  to assign the date before which the class is needed.
      • Click in the Class Location field and select your preferred location.
        • If submitting this information only for the individual noted, click on .
        • If you wish to submit the same date and location for all selected individuals, click .
      • Click .


If you receive the message, “Because all enrollments into this class must be approved by a class registrar, you will have to contact a registrar to enroll you.” click on the [Show List of Registrars] option and contact one of the session registrars to complete the enrollment/withdrawal process. If no registrar is identified, contact the host Regional Training Center