To access your transcript:


After logging into E-Track:

  1. from the left-side menu under Show Me: click on My History.
  2. From the left-side menu, under Show Me:, click on Learning Transcript.
  3. On the resulting screen, assign Learning Transcript Criteria:
    • Sort Option: Select either to sort by Learning Title or by Date. (Most frequently you’ll want to sort by date.)
    • First Date: If sorting for a specified period of time, type or use the calendar  icon to assign the start date for the desired time period.
    • Last Date: If sorting for a specified period of time, type or use the calendar  icon to assign the end date for the desired time period.
      • Leave date fields blank if you want an entire training history.
    • Completions/All History Statuses - The default setting is to run the report for Completions statuses only. Click on the radio button for All History Statuses if you wish to select this option.
    • Completions – results will include only training sessions for which the trainee has the status of either Complete or Complete-No evaluation.
    • All History Statuses – results will include all training statuses: Complete, Complete-No evaluation, No-Shows, Cancellations, and Incompletes.
    • Include Supplemental History - The default setting is to include supplemental (non-OCWTP) training on the transcript. Click to uncheck the box if you  want to see only OCWTP training.
    • Include External History - The OCWTP does not currently use External History functionality.
  4. Export Format – For best results, click in the field and change the export format to Adobe Acrobat (PDF).
  5. Click on .
    • Once the report opens in Adobe Acrobat, you can elect to either print the report or save it as an Adobe Acrobat document:
      • To save - In the upper-right corner, click the download icon, assign a file name, and .
      • To print - In the upper-right corner, click on the printer  icon, change printer settings if necessary, and .


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