RTCs are strongly encouraged to use E-Track for conference registrations to:

  • Ensure conferences appear as OCWTP training in participant transcripts.
  • Ensure the right participants receive the right certificates for licensure purposes.
  • Facilitate survey data capture in E-Track for aggregate reporting purposes.
  • Easily notify registrants of conference session cancellations or time/presenter changes.

To manage conferences efficiently in E-Track, the following steps are necessary:

  • Create all sessions in E-Track prior to publicity materials being released – This means allowing sufficient time for any new learnings and/or trainers to be approved and entered into E-Track.

To facilitate expedient entry of new learnings and /or trainers:

  • Alert the State Training Coordinator as soon as possible of the total number of new learnings/trainers planned for the conference.
  • As early as is feasible, submit content outline checklists for new learnings, being sure to include all required information.
  • Link participants to the E-Track Quick-Start Guide for Everyone; or create conference-related publicity materials that Include E-Track learning numbers and/or “quick steps” for registration through E-Track.
  • Set E-Track survey delivery to one day AFTER the session date to allow time to process no-shows, add walk-ins, and adjust anyone who switched sessions.
  • Ask the session facilitator/proctor to make the following announcement at the beginning of each session: “If you have not signed in for this session, please do so immediately.Sign-in sheets will be collected at the 15-minute mark and processed to determine who will receive a certificate of completion.If your signature is not on the sign-in sheet, you will not receive a certificate.”
  • Assign someone to the tasks of collecting session sign-in sheets at the 15-minute mark and reconciling the sign-in sheets against the attendee list in E-Track.
  • Alert session participants to expect emailed evaluation survey notifications the day after each session, and encourage them to jot down any specific comments they might want to include on these evaluations.