From Administrator Main Menu:

  • Search for the existing session to locate the desired session.

  • Click in the box to the left of the  Underlined Session Title to select.

  • From the left-side menu, under Show Me:, click on Attendees.

NOTE: The default setting is for the Session Attendee List to be sorted alphabetically by name. Click on any column heading to re-order the list.

  • On the resulting Session Attendee List screen, from the left-side menu under Want To:, click on Print Session Roster.
  • If the print preview/printer options screen appears, click on the x in the upper-right corner to return to the Export Options screen.
  • Click in the format drop-down field and select an export format. For best results, select one of the following export options:
    • Microsoft PowerPoint (PPTX) – BEST OPTION if you want to type in names of guests.
    • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) – full-page landscape - uneditable.
  • Click on the  button.
  • Click .

(This step will differ slightly depending on which export option you select.) 

  • Print or save as you would any other document.
  • When you've finished printing, click  to return to the Session Attendee List screen.