From Administrator Main Menu:

  • Click on Sessions.
  • Click on MORE OPTIONS.

(If preferred, you can use the Basic Search screen – MORE OPTIONS provides additional fields for search criteria.)

  • Input search criteria – You can search for a session using any or all of the search fields:

    • Learning Title:

      •  Type the learning title (using a wildcard (* or %) in place of unknown information).

    • Local Learning Code:

      • Type the Learning Local Code (using a wildcard (* or %) in place of unknown information).

    • Delivery:

        • If you want search results to includ only online learning, click in the Classroom box to deselect.

        • If you want search results to include both classroom and online sessions, leave the Classroom box checked.

        • If you want search results to include online training, click in the box beside Online to select.

        • Classroom and Online are the only valid delivery options. (The OCWTP does not currently utilize Self Study or Virtual Classroom, so leave these boxes unchecked.)

    • Learning Classification

      • Click on desired Classification to select.

      • If needed, click on the yellow folder  icon to reveal more specific topics/sub-topics.

      • Click on the Learning Classification magnifying glass icon .

    • Local Session Code

      • E-Track assigns a unique code (beginning with OCWT00) to each session when the session is created. Type this code into the Local Session Code field.

    • Session Responsible Organization

      • Click on the Session Responsible Org magnifying glass  icon .

      • Click on the yellow OCWTP folder  icon.

      • Click on the yellow Regional Training Centers folder  icon.

      • Click on desired Organization.

    • Start Date Between:

      • Type or use the calendar  icons to select Start Date range.

    • End Date Between:

      • Type or use the calendar  icons to select End Date range.

    • Geographic County:

      • Click in the drop-down field and select the county in which the session was/will be held.

        NOTE: Use this option only if the session occurred after July 2015.)

    • Status:

      • Click in field and select desired training status (i.e. scheduled, closed, cancelled, etc.).

        NOTE: When searching for a session - if no status is designated, E-Track will only return results for sessions that are Scheduled, Full, or On Hold.

    • Steward:

      • Click on the Steward magnifying glass  icon .

      • Type in the Last Name, First Name, and/or Login ID.

      • .

      • Click on the person's underlined name to select.

    • Records Returned:

      • If desired, click in the drop-down field to select a defined number of records to be returned.

  • Click